Get it together Promoters!

So I have been to my fair share of ‘All-Inclusive’, ‘Premium’ events in the last few years, and honestly i can say I am now fed-up and annoyed.

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not pay to party. Hardly ever. If I do it’s because I really wanted to go, or it was a friend’s event I was supporting or it was really cheap to enter (I’m talking $10 cheap). The point is I don’t pay to party. I would rather show up to a fete that is ladies free before a certain time or whatever than pay. Why? That’s just me and it always has been. Which brings me to the point of how I go to ‘all-inclusive’ fetes. I win passes, I have to work, I know someone…you get the drift.

So the thing with these all-inclusive fetes is that you pay a mobaton of money $120 -$300 range to have food (usually appetizer like) and drinks, and obviously your music. Sometimes it may have live performances.

Now I know that when planning for a number of people and food is involved the general rule is if you have a plate full (rice,pie,chicken and or fish salad) that it is one plate per person and you cook to suit. If you are having appetizers each item times it two. Basic and simple enough right? So tell me how it is that you can go to an event and you tell me when I am ready for food there is none. I went to We ‘Ting the other day (I won a pass) and the jump was amazing. I had a grand ole’ time. There is nothing like soca for me and I have no turn off button where it is concerned. I can listen to soca and never get tired of it. Now persons received a wrist band that had 3 chits. At the end of the jump there were 3 stations to get food. Let me slide it in here real quick that a package was $180 and this ensured you food, drink, a t-shirt, mug, paint, powder. That was the package. So explain to me how it was that I left the event with all 3 of my chits intact?

The lines were crazy long and there was no food. Oh wait!! Let’s not forget that at about 6:00am, a whole two hours before the slated end of the event that they ran out of ice. So what did I have to settle for to eat? HARD ASS SALT BREAD WITH CHEESE! Like seriously?! You had one job, provide all you said you would in this so-called package, and you failed at the major part for most persons. How is it that ALL THREE stations had nothing of sustenance to eat? PISS POOR!

Taking you back, it’s the year 2013 or maybe it was 2014 and I’m attending the ever popular UV summer fete. Tickets this time around were $225 -$250. Once again me nah pay for no ticket. We arrived after 6:00am from a 3:00am start (no fault of mine) to no food. Luckily my dear mom was catering the event and my girlfriend and myself were able to get something. But otherwise there really wasn’t any food. Strike one. The event location was at a plantation. Plenty grass. How perfect! Oh, until the rain pissed down. Check 90% of the Bajans at the event duck under a tent. Not me. Why? I didn’t pay for a ticket and at that point I could care less. So me in my cute ass outfit, with my bomb ass hairdo partied in that damn downpour for about 10 mins and I was drenched but having the time of my life. You see my logic was if I paid over $200 on a ticket to that sort of mediocre service I would have been pissed, but I didn’t.

All I’m saying promoters is to get your damn act together. It happens repeatedly, year after year, after year. But people still go because the vibes are nice. Like I said I love me some soca so where piss poor service falls the soca always makes up.

Something honestly needs to be done because you can’t be charging persons and arm, leg and their heart because it’s ALL-INCLUSIVE and supposed to so exclusive but then give shitty service. And what I mean by shitty is, not knowing your weather forecast and anticipating the amount of persons attending your event. TRUST, there are many more events I’ve been to that have fallen in this same category but would take waaaaayyyy too much time to write a blog on.





That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo



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