Routines and Headaches

No matter how I try I can never get a solid routine down pack. Excepting maybe my makeup. Does that count?

Parents alike, forums, random people, the whole world speaks of how important it is to have a routing when it comes to your kids. Now Aiden is a year and he has yet to have a routine. It’s super HARD! Don’t get me wrong i’ve tried many times. Unfortunately due to the fact that I have school and my partner works late we never get home at an appropriate time to get baba down.

I tried what some call “tough love” sleeping pr crying it out. This involves putting baby down and letting him or her cry it out. It’s usually timed. So you put baby down and after 2 minutes go back to comfort, DO NOT PICK UP BABY! Keep going like that for two more times and then extend the time you go back to about 5 minutes. Keep on extending the time as long as you need to and baby should eventually go to sleep. Now it can be hard and trust me it’s hard. Imagine you putting your baby down and he is bawling his poor little eyes out and you just ignoring him . It broke my heart and I did it for a couple of nights and it sort of worked but then I got fed up of having Aiden crying out so much and ended that little experiment.

Next i tried having a set bedtime (this was when I was getting home at a decent time). So I set it to 8:00pm as I was not getting home any earlier. Sleeping or not he went to bed at 8:00, and yes he cried but I would say that was effective rather than to keep going back to comfort. He eventually caught the drift and comforted himself to sleep.

Never the less, Aiden still doesn’t have much of a routine and this is a source of many a headache as he tends to wake in the middle of the night wanting nothing but my comfort.

But the race is for those who endure and not the swift. I will eventually get there. Just not this minute, or hour or next couple of weeks. But hey! Comes with the territory right?



That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo



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