7 months of……???!

Excitement? Joy? Frustration? Unadulterated happiness? Sleepless nights?

Whatever it is, it’s a lot of things but all in all it has been an absolutely fabulous 6 months with my son Aiden.
I decided to do this post giving a fly-by-fly of the past 6 months with my little baba from start until now.


My bundle here was just a mere minutes old and look at those cheeks!! A face a mother can most definitely love. I remember the EXACT moment Aiden was born I looked down and exclaimed “he’s blue!”. All five trainee doctors, two nurses and my love Jermaine all burst into laughter. I was so darn happy. I could not believe this tiny human came out of me.


Month 1


O boy! Was it a rough first couple of weeks? Nooooooooootttttttt really. Yes and no. Let me explain. By the time I figured out that I need not get up one, and go for Aiden every time he woke during the night and two, that I did not need to physically sit up and feed him, but rather do the wondrous thing of lying and feeding; I was perfection. I had Jermaine there every moment waking up and bringing Aiden to myself, because frankly you need to get some of this sleepless nights action. I also found it that much easier to feed lying. I realized all too quickly that sitting up and feeding at 1:00am, 3:00am, I was super cranky and very sleepy, so once I lay I was able to be alert and still be resting. Can you resist all that cuteness??


Month 2


Aiden was becoming more and more animated by the minute. He would smile his wonderful smile and turn his head from side to side. Let’s talk about the poop. Is it supposed to be YELLOW?! Yikes my first reaction to breastmilk poop. NO VOMMITTING! (Hallelujah!) Are you supposed to peel like this????!! AIDEN DID THAT JUST COME OUT OF YOU??! No one ever mentions engorgement, and how painful it can be. Not aloud anyways. They just say, “prepare for swollen/full breast.” How is that supposed to help me when my 42FF breasts are now probably an H and they feel like rock?


Month 3


Spit! Spit! Spit! SPIT! and some more spit (hence the bib). Who knew children could spit so much, incessantly and not get tired. And let’s not forget about the older folk who noticed the spitting; “someone’s about to teethe.” Excusez-moi?! No no no NO! I was so not ready for that realization. Aiden was at that stage where he did the bite and whip. Trust, that as harsh as it sounds he went on time out for doing that. Imagine someone clamping down on your nipple (very sensitive by the way) and they whipping there head around. Did I mention the gums are still clamped down?? Yup the endurance it took for me to whoosah and just massage.


Month 4


Aiden is getting stronger by the minute. He is now able to lay on his tummy and hold his head up and look around. Mind you as Aiden notices you looking he bobs his head now and plays shy. He is really growing into his own and his personality comes out more and more each day. He is very playful and loves at this point to laugh up a storm. The babbling has started and boy does he have a voice.


Month 5


So Aiden is sitting up on his own and having regular “conversation with you.” At this point he probably can sit for 1 minute minimum before flopping down, but my baba is such a trooper he wants to do it over and over. His hand movements have become more precise so when he sees something he wants he can at this point reach out and grab it.


Month 6


Aiden Paiden at this point has had a couple of tumbles (notice the tell-tale dot on his nose). They are inevitable no matter how much you baby proof before you move. The story behind this tumble was at dinner time. Aiden never gives me a break, he is quite clingy at this point, so my dinner time is spent juggling my plate and him at the same time. So i’m sitting on the couch and my plate is on my left and Aiden my right. I tucked him all neatly into the crook of the chair, turned to pick up my plate and heard BUP! Swung around and there is Aiden on the ground. My poor baba started to cry and I snatched him up and soothed him. P.s this all happened in about 3 seconds. We fall, we get back up!


Month 7


This face is the beginning of Aiden’s personality really coming out. This month was truly a test. He is more active, he is babbling up a storm and he is stronger than ever. This particular morning I gave Aiden his bath and left the tub on the bed after he got dressed. Aiden thought it fun to splash around in his water fully dressed and ready for nursery. Needless to say I gave him a stern no and carried the tub away. This was the resulting face and then the tears came. It took every ounce of me not to laugh. I mean look at this face!!!



These seven months flew by and I can’t believe it, but I am absolutely loving every moment.



That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo



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