Who’s Your Baby Momma?

I’m your baby momma!!

Aiden is 4 months and the thrills of being a mother are still here. Each day brings a new joy and frustration but I push through and endure and ENJOY, with the biggest smile on my face.

I must say, motherhood is not at all as hard as some people made it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, there have been moments where I got frustrated, annoyed, been tired and couldn’t sleep and a whole other hosts of things. But the hardship and the sleepless nights I been dreading…..none. OK, maybe I had one or two sleepless nights šŸ™‚ but that’s about it.

I distinctly remember these two nights in particular. Night one: Aiden was maybe a couple weeks and he woke up crying and I got up, fed him and back to bed for him and me. Too good to be true? Yup! Back up and fresh crying. I stayed up for 3 hours straight (it was after 1am when he initially woke) before I called my mom and told her i couldn’t do it. I was soooo darn tired and he refused to sleep. Well, I did eventually get to sleep, but the sun was up. Night two: (this was just a mere couple days after night one) Aiden wakes after 1am and I fed him as usual. I wasn’t tired that night, so we stayed up, watched some TV, played, and he went to sleep after 6am. I was not cranky at all.

Diaper changing is not too bad but watch out for fountains of water. I thankfully haven’t had to endure many of those, but I got my fair share of being peed on. With a boy it is inevitable. Unfortunately for me I didn’t know the tell tale signs but I learned quickly. Oh and let’s not talk about changing a pamper, making sweetboy all fresh and then five minutes later you hear a fart and you pray to God above that that is all it was. You check annnnnnnnnnddddddddddd (hold your breath)…………………………………………………..did that just come out of you Aiden?!

Play time is a blast. Aiden is such a joy! He is at that point where his hands are a wonder to him. He clasps them and plays with them and keep your fingers from by his mouth! He is rolling over now, back to front though, and front to back THREE times! Yay!! He is more interactive with myself and Jermaine and he loves to laugh. I have never met such a happy baby. Every morning that he wakes I greet him with a great big MORNING, and a smile and I get a sleepy smile, rub eyes and kiss :D.

All in all I love every single moment. I am constantly waiting for the newest thing with my little lovebug. I have my love next to me every step of the way and that makes it all worth the while.



That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo



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