New Additions…

So this year had been quite extraordinary, and boy does it continue to be just that with my own little tiny addition to my family.

That’s right folks, I’m having a baby!!!! Or rather I have had my baby. (this is what happens when you started to do your blog then fell off) I’ve brought into this world my son Aiden Zidane Luke Bridgeman and boy is he a bundle for the three weeks that he has been on this Earth. I still can’t believe it has been three weeks. I still have moments where I look at him and can’t believe that I brought him into this world and that he is mine.

This has all been such an experience for me and it will only continue.  From the morning walks, to his wonderful smiles and the sleepless nights. I can safely say that my days are not topsy turvy and they are never the same. For example the last two nights Mr. Man decided that he didn’t want to sleep after 1:00am until about 6:00am. The first night he was playful and I was actually up at that point, I wasn’t sleepy and so I sang with him and laughed and we watched a movie or two. Last night on the other hand….cried and cried and I was super tired. I walked and walked and every time I sat a fresh bawl, but this is all part of it.

My little bundle is calling for mama, so i’m off.



That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo


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