Friday Roundup 11.15 + GIVEAWAY!!

Lipsticks and Round Tips

Friday Roundup 11.15

This week it seems my obsession was eyeliner. It kinda was too… I purchased the MAC technakohl Liner in Graphiblack from the MAC store and Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Rockstar from Sephora earlier this week. Today, I went to Ulta because it felt like I hadn’t been there in ages (probably 2-3weeks) and I was looking for a navy eyeliner by Too Faced. Well it happens that a rep for Stila was there and I ended up purchasing Color Outside the Lines set because it was on sale for $25 (instead of $34) because Ulta had purchased too many so they were priced to move. They’re waterproof but you don’t need waterproof make-up remover to remove them ;). They are also $20 for one so I got 5 for $25!! Score! I also picked up their liquid liner in intense black. I’m beginning to really like Stila’s…

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