Kadooment Fever!!

Photo shoots are always such great fun

Especially when I do them with people who are free up, professional and know what they are doing.

My latest photo shoot was no different. This latest was done with the amazing and beautiful Alana, out of my gorgeous sun-kissed island of Barbados. The photography was done by the very talented and young Ezra Sealy and it was such a joy working with them both.

Makeup should never make one pretty, but rather enhance one’s beauty. This is what this  shoot encompasses as well as Crop Over Fever. (Crop Over is a season in Barbados and Kadooment is the equivalent of Mardi Gras (Brazil) or Trini Carnival (Trinidad).

This photo shoot done at the lovely Codrington College in the parish of St. John was definitely past my expectations. It was picturesque and most of all FUN!


Here we were just doing a last minute touch up, and then we started the ball rolling with the shoot.

photoshoot 5edited  What I like most about Alana is that she is professional. This is her career of choice (modelling)  and so even the little jobs she takes very seriously. As i would have said the shoot was about kadooment fever as that is the season we are in right now in Barbados.

photoshoot 4edited

Basically the makeup done, wasn’t too fancy as i was displaying the jewels work, but the colorful eyebrows and the glitter added for a greater effect.

photoshoot 3edited   The photographer Ezra Sealy was an immense joy to work with. We both did the same photography course and so i know that his work is legit and it showed in these photos. (though these are hardly just a few) We worked seamlessly together him giving direction to the model and me giving my feedback on different poses and shots.

photoshoot 1edited

This is just one out of many shoots to come. So look out for more to come later on. My second photo shoot is this coming saturday, 20th July. Different theme, different models. I’m excited I hope you are too.

That’s all for today folks.

Cheers to all the ladies out there!!! xoxo



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