Browning and Gym Moves!

So a workmate of mine came to work and showed off this cute little cosmetic set that she got from UpBeat in Sheraton. It came as a three piece set and hers was pink and black. Needless to say i’ve been dying for some cosmetic bags and hopped right away and got one. I hate pink and so i got brown which was better for me.

Cosmetic Bag Set

The set is not a fancy brand name or anything, but they are practical, reasonable and I shall most definitely put them to use. The entire set cost me $29.95 and i thought that was a great buy. 🙂

The smallest bag is currently my powder bag and the medium sized is for my everyday makeup that i take with me to freshen up and such. Haven’t found a use for the large as yet but i shall soon. 😉


photo (7)

I love the bags as well for the inside room and little compartments for brushes or any other things you may want to put inside. It all depends on how you may use the bag.

So that’s it for me and my haul today. Nothing to much but i;m happy. 😀



On another note I decided to pop up to the gym as I was in Sheraton Mall and join the gym.

photo (9)

I think it’s definitely time to work on my summer body and stop whining about gaining weight. So now i’m on this positive push for the next couple of months. Plus i’ve given myself a goal to work with.

So healthy eating and weight lost here I come!!!



That’s all for tonight folks.

Cheers to all everyone out there!!! xoxo



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