It’s in your Jeans!

It is standard that a guy should have a pair of jeans in his closet. If not, GO GET A PAIR!

Levi’s are the perfect jean because they are long-lasting and have many different varieties, but know they are different brands and it is essentially up to the individual. When choosing you need to consider color (NO jeans do not just come in blue), fit, style and cut (YES there is a difference). When choosing a color jean besides the traditional blue, bear in mind that the color may depend on the kind of shirt you may be wearing.

mens-teal-denim-jeans-tan-lace-up-boots-red-scarf-jean-jacket-knit-sweater-graphic-t-shirt-messenger-bagThe first look here that I am going to review is paired with a teal jean. This photo, albeit it may have been taken off of the internet offers the kind of look I would do on any guy, once the personality fits. The color lends for a versatile and cool look, as it it paired with a graphic cotton t-shirt a jean jacket and a knitted scarf. Tan laced boots gives for a different contrast in color and gives a fresh look. The red scarf add a splash of color and class. Plus, who doesn’t love scarves anyways :).

blue blazer red jean   How to wear jeans with a blazer. Blazers often give for a business edge sort of look. Paired with slacks or khakis or even corduroy, blazers always give a different effect each and every time. A blazer with jeans though gives for a classier look that can be worn out at night and sometimes during the day. Be wary of wearing it during the day as it can become a bit much and not appropriate for just a day on the go. Partying it up sure its the perfect look that gives that edge paired with jeans. Play with your colors. White blazer with red jeans like above, or even a khaki blazer with orange jeans. Go with the flow and what mood you are in.



OK so this is my fave look by far. It just oozes so much swag (and no not that sort of swag). Swag with class. I don’t know if its the pale pink or the turquoise button down, or maybe the red sock hat. I just LOVE IT!!!! so let’d get to it. Note: not everyone can pull this off, and as I have said it also goes without saying that personality goes a long way in pulling off and outfit. If you don’t have the attitude to know you can pull off and outfit and make it work, then it never will.  From the neck down in this photo you will notice all pastel colors. The pale pink, the turquoise and the pale yellow graphic tee. The round shades gives for a vintage feel and the red sock hat is a brilliant contrast to finish off the look.



Swag and Swag!
Now I personally believe that “swag” in the modern sense is a bunch of rubbish. Pants that you have to keep pulling up and baggy shirts or pants that you bought from the women’s section is not swag. It looks stupid and untidy. SO the next time you think about your swag think about looking classy and fresh.


“Swag is for boys. Class is for men!”


That’s all for tonight folks.

Cheers to all the guys out there!!! xoxo



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