Do the Monk!

Monk Straps! Ever heard? If you haven’t please get a clue.

Tonight this one is strictly for the mens. So sit tight, read, digest and then go get your Monk on!


Most would think that the monk strap shoe is a loafer, and they are correct. People think loafers are just slip-on shoes. In a sense this is also correct and loafers come in very different styles and have  different names. The monk strap is no different. The name “monk strap” came from the fact that monks would wear these shoes with buckles for the simple fact that they were “shoes” and not “sandals” and so would cover their feet entirely. The buckle provided for an easy way in and out of the shoes than a boot would. monkstraps-04

It’s funny though, I have heard many say that the monk strap shoe could be worn at casual events but never at formal events. This is absolutely FALSE! On the contrary I love to see a guy decked out in monk strap shoes with a pin striped suit and ready for anything. I will forever say don’t be shy with those fancy shoes! Really make your monks pop by showcasing them with cuffed pants hemmed short.

This gives for a classy effect despite what men may think. Pair it off with a nice pair of socks and you are ready to go.

monkstrap  Now as you would have noticed GQ is my source for all my photos. Two simple reasons: their monk strap shoes are of top notch quality (A OKAY) and what better place to get my fashion inspiration for men than the Gentleman’s Quarterly 🙂 ?

I’m going to post a couple pictures of my favorite looks done by GQ with the monk strap and comment. 😀


Grey elbow cut, brown sports jacket, worn jeans and a pair of brown patent leather monks. A great way to add a little swag to a casual outfit is to pair it with a jacket and this is exactly what was done. The sports jack is by Polo Ralph Lauren and jeans by Levi’s Made & Crafted. I especially like the worn look in the jeans because it doesn’t make one look so fresh and the cuffed bottom is perfect as it is a causal look. Of course to finish off the look we have your monks minus socks and these are double strapped.


As you would have noticed the script has been completely flipped and now the same monks are worn with a business suit. Who said brown shouldn’t be worn with a darker color. Now most would say that once u have one dark color on in an outfit that no other accessory should be in a darker color. I say yes this is true but we all know they are always exceptions to the rule and this instance is one. The pin striped suit with the brown suit gives for a color grading effect. Light socks and a light shirt, this outfit is perfect for any business meeting or outing.

Shoes, $990 by Salvatore Ferragamo. Suit, $2,250 by Dries Van Noten. Shirt, $320 by Thom Browne New York. Tie, $150 by Alexander Olch. Pocket square by Robert Talbott. Socks by Etiquette Clothiers.

Now for my last bit of advice to you men. When trying to find the perfect sock for your monks, it is not always necessary for them to match the shoe. They must though match your outfit. Unless you are going for the color blocking effect. Here we have two different styles, colors and looks for the monk strap with an idea of the socks that can be worn with the shoe.    I will leave it up to you to figure out how to pair this with an outfit 😉 . For now…


That’s it for me and my shoe porn tonight.

Cheers all you guys and gals out there!!!!! xoxo



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