The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Fluoro

the green fluoro

While at camp this summer I stumbled upon a friend’s monogrammed bag. At first glance I fell in love with the bold color, then the beautiful embossing, then I took a closer look at the bag itself. First love some would call it but I knew this vibrant bag had to become a must have in my bag collection.

This absolutely adorable bag had me in a tizzy for weeks trying to find the perfect place to get it. I figured out I would probably have to fly myself to England to get the much coveted satchel. “The Fluoro”, a English leather hand made bag for the Cambridge Satchel Company is a must have. With it 80s funk and bright colors, who doesn’t fall in love with this pop-of-color love?

Anyone who loves this bag would know who Julie Deane is. I mean without her drive to send her daughter to college and a thought that maybe some Hogwarts students (and me!) would love a bag to carry their spell books in, there wouldn’t be a Fluoro or Classic or even a Batchel. The bags, having been fashioned off of the old British style of a regular book bag dare to be bold with their bright colors. What she didn’t expect though is a sought after fashion accessory and a must have!

fluorofluoro collection

One of my favorite reasons and advice to you to go get the Fluoro, is the color blocking effect. The bright colors give for a fantastic contrast to any outfit. And who says your bag should match your outfit? Pair your green satchel with a purple outfit, or maybe the yellow satchel with something red. Just mix it up!

So go out there and get your Fluoro on!


That’s it for my bag porn tonight.

Cheers all you fashionistas!!!! xoxo



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